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Create your Social Media Business Plan

Many Businesses get onto social media sites without developing a business plan for directing their social activities or developing a policy to handle problems that come up such as employee gossiping or negative comments from followers. Business owners feel overwhelmed by using social media and instagram buy followersaren’t sure how to keep up with all the changes regularly introduced to different social media sites. Additionally, it can be hard to figure out what activities to do, in order to make social media effective. In this 8 week class, I will help you create an implement a social media business plan and policy for your business. This class will help you make sense of social media and where it fits in your business. You will learn: To use social media effectively you need to have a plan. This 8 week class will help you develop that plan. The cost for this class is $495 and you will get the following: This class starts on Thursday March 1st from 5pm to 6pm and runs until Thursday April 19th. I accept checks, Credit or paypal. If you have questions about the class, contact me for a free call.

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Identify competitors that would also want your target customers.

Identify competitors that would also want your target customers. There is always a competitor — never make the mistake of assuming there isn't. Small businesses seldom take how to buy more followers on instagram the time to study their competitors in depth. But you must understand who your competitors are, what their core competitive advantage is and how they will respond to your offering (price cuts, increased communication, etc.). You should be able to write down a simple declarative sentence of how you will meet customer needs and beat the competition. The best positioning statements are those that are single-minded and focus on target customer needs.

Considering social media measurement

Here is an exercise I use to get a leadership team focused on real business results. Ask them “If we meet in this room a year from now and you are telling me how successful our social media marketing effort has been … what would have happened?” This usually sparks a good discussion that leads instagram followers buy to a commitment on what you are actually trying to achieve. Then, it is up to you to find indicators in your data that demonstrate progress toward those goals. And please, consider the tangible and important qualitative measurements of progress, which may create more business benefits in the long run than something you can stick on a spreadsheet.