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SCHEDULE AND VENUES OF ZONAL & NATIONAL JURIES  of the AWARDS PROGRAMME 2012 are available for download under 'Important Links' on home page

 Council of Architecture (COA) through its academic unit -National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA) has been organizing an “AWARDS PROGRAMME FOR EXCELLENCE IN ARCHITECTURAL THESIS” for students who have submitted their thesis, in the undergraduate courses, each academic year, from Colleges of Architecture in India. This is an annual event conducted to identify the best thesis projects of India. The awards programme showcases the best students’ design works from across the country to create a better appreciation of architectural design concerns by becoming a public event. Stalwarts from the field of Architecture are involved in choosing the winners, in a public jury attended by the general public, including students and faculty from all regional Colleges of Architecture, eminent citizens and the media. The programme simultaneously acts as a public awareness event, to promote the subject of Architecture.


     At the Zonal Juries…

     To the two winners Rs.10,000/- + book each.

To the next eight presenters Rs.5,000/- + book each

 At the National Finals…

To the best three thesis Projects Rs.75,000/each

To the next seven Thesis projects -Rs. 20,000/-each

All Zonal and Final participants shall be awarded certificates of Participation and Merit.

 The awards at the finals shall have 2 components: Cash & Books

The entries presented at the Zonal and National Juries will be published by Council of Architecture.


STAGE 1a : Exhibition and Shortlisting

All the entries received at each Zonal Centre will be exhibited in a public exhibition hall on various dates in the second half of August 2011. Members of the zonal jury shall inspect and shortlist ten thesis projects from amongst all the entries received and displayed in each zone.

STAGE 1b:  Zonal Jury

Authors of the ten shortlisted thesis projects shall make an audio-visual presentation to the members of the Jury in the jury attended by the general public and students, conducted in a public auditorium. Two thesis projects from each Zonal Jury will be selected for the National Jury.

STAGE 2: National Jury

National finalists will make a presentation to the National Jurors in a public jury attended by the citizens, architects and students. The winners will be announced at the end of the day.